2012-13 DPSPAA Scholarship Recipient ; Vested fund nearing $100,000.00 )

Scholarship Award Winner

The Delta Pi/Sigma Pi Alumni Association Selection Committee met February 7, 2012

at the Kehr Center to select an active brother

to receive our Scholarship Award.


David “Moose” Hensel  711

was chosen by the Committee for the 2012-2013 Award.


Moose will be a Senior majoring in Accounting and Finance.



Vice-President of the Actives  2011-2012

Secretary of the Actives   Spring 2011



Involved in Community Service Projects


It can be said that Moose has made a notable investment of  his time and effort to Delta Pi.

Previous Scholarship Recipients:


Matt McCarthy     685        2011-2012

Mark Brajer          698        2010-2011

Nick Burk             689        2009-2010

Matt McCarthy     685        2008-2009

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