Delta Pi Canoe Trip 2012 Review

The Canoe Trip 2012 was a great time! So good to spend some time just catching up with old and new Delta Pi Brothers as we float/paddle down the Susquehanna River.

Some things I’ll remember forever from the trip:
– Iceman’s contributions: “Chicken in a Biscuit”, Bin of happiness, “big man in a little life vest”, his contageous Herman Munsteresque laugh, “marking our territory”. The “moving log” in camp.

Rico – Spot-on Impressions of Iceman, Stories from Bloomsburg days, The “one man mule team” as he attempted to tow the “floatilla” all by himself.  Delirium on the last mile of paddling resulting in a verbal meltdown and cursing of the gods.

Al Schoch – His extended visit to Danville, his willingness to travel half-way across the U.S. to attend (longest distance award). His “Rainman-esque” memory. His energy and love of all things Delta Pi.

Litwin and Fitz – (a.k.a. “The Tunkannock Two”) Sycronized paddling (they had been practicing for months), Litwin’s decisiveness (ask him a question, and you get an answer immediately, no hesitation). Fitz’s desire to “get everything in the can”.

Cowboy – Representing all Snyders proudly. Pranks and shenanagans seem to be a common trait to all Snyders. Cowboy doesn’t disappoint here. If you just got rammed by another boat or pursuaded that, “Those rapids don’t look dangerous”, you can bet there is a Snyder involved. Great spending time with one of the Delta Pi Legends.

Ernie – Do I really even need to mention Ernie? Always memorable. Always krumudgenly. I picture him in college yellng at kids to stay off the lawn of the Crag. Always quick with a funny story and “most interesting man in the world” wisdom. He is indeed our Pappa Smurf.

Chicken in a Biscuit edition.

The full group on Sunday morning just before the final leg of the journey

New to me: Ed Minner and Joe Vaughnn – Two great guys that I felt immediately comfortable around. I guess that’s a Delta Pi thing. Lot’s of laughs with these two guys (mostly at other people’s expense).

Damian – Doing his best Shecky Green at our campfire.  His “synthetic” log moving powers.

Wooly and Sthully – Always a lethal corn-hole combination.  Reigning champions of campground games and witty banter.

Domin – (purposely listed last because he likes that) With his self-contained “flexitarian” diet and cooking equipment.  He saved my ass by getting me a new paddle when mine broke leaving me literally – up the creek without a paddle.  He has been performing this service for me for about 25  years but usually in a less literal way.

Thanks to everyone that made it possible.  Looking forward to next year.  Maybe we do the same trip, maybe we do something a little different.  Either way, I know the company will be good, the scenery spectacular and the Brotherhood cherished.

Editor’s Note:  THANK YOU Brother Dave Decoteau. You tireless efforts organizing this legendary band of Delta Pi thieves to spend time along the Mighty Susquehanna are much appreciated.  Also, many thanks and a big shout out to your lovely wife, The Pit Lady.  Her young  “beau in tow” / sidekick, Jim, was also very helpful and an asset to your new Riverside Adventure Company.

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