Greek Branding Campaign – LIVE!

The Greek Alumni of Bloomsburg University Association has taken it’s Greek Branding Campaign LIVE today!

The campaign has the goal of increasing the number of students on the Bloomsburg University campus that will consider joining a Greek organization.  If the pool of students is increased for all Greek organizations, then Delta Pi (as a subset) will also benefit.

The campaign was created using the results of the Greek Alumni Survey and the Bloom Student Survey conducted in 2011.  The survey results showed that costs, image and connections were all important factors when students are thinking of joining a greek organization.

There were many different concepts created.  Some of the other ads are shown below.

Ads covered a variety of subjects, from Greek Olympic gold medal winners to graduation rates for greeks.  Male and female images were used.  The brand intends to break stereotypes about Greeks and educate students about many unknown benefits of Greek life on the Bloomsburg campus.

You can click these ads or go to the following website to see more ad concepts:

Greek Alumni then contributed money to get the images onto campus and into the community.  We raised over $1,000.00 in one day, and Delta Pi was a big part of those donations.  Greek Alumni representative were working with University Greek Life Representatives on this idea for the past few months, but approval did not come from campus in time to take advantage of a joint effort this Fall semester.  As a result, the Greek Alumni decided to push forward and do a Fall release using our own funds and resources.

Greeks have a “CAN DO” attitude, and DELTA PI is again leading the charge!

This week  the campaign will feature the following:
4 ads in the BloomUToday online newspaper – This website is very popular with students.  Visit and see why: 

A FULL PAGE of the Jon Stewart ad in the Bloomsburg Voice newspaper – This WILL get attention!

100 – 11″ X 17″ full color posters – to be hung around the community and in various other venues.

300 – 8.5″ X 11″  Flyers with various images from the campaign on them – these will be distributed in various ways to students.

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