Holidaze Gathering was GREAT!

As has become somewhat of a tradition, the Brothers of The Valley got together on Black Friday to kickoff the Holiday Season with stories of old and a couple of beers. And what a good time it was… Ralph brought an original 1974 ΔΠ Composite which inspired a lot of stories…and as in most composites, we counted the number of times the same bow tie or suit jacket showed up…

Once again, Al won the prize for traveling the farthest to be with us and new to the pack this year was Dan Perry.  There are a lot more Brothers in The Valley and I urge each of you to mark Black Friday (Nov 29th) on your calendar for next year – truly, the more the merrier!  But either way, we had a great time and enjoyed ourselves like only a gathering of Brothers can.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

(Ralph, I WILL return the composite as soon as I find a scanner big enough to do the job without cutting off some heads…)

L to R – Ernie Lemoncelli 169, Tom Stefursky 119, Al Schoch 226, Bob Lavelle 134, Phil Sallavanti 126, Dan Perry 235, Lou Cicci 77, Ralph Pappas 138

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