Homecoming 2012 – Best Ever? You decide.


If you attended the 2012 Homecoming event at Bloomsburg this year, you know you witnessed history.  Record crowds of Alumni (and especially Greek Alumni) converged on Bloomsburg University for Homecoming.  Normally, Delta Pi would have rented Balzano’s and been perfectly happy to call that home for the event.  Delta Pi has done it for years, and it’s been a great experience.  But as with all things in life: the only thing that is guaranteed – is change.

This year, the Hergan family left the Balzano’s corner catering space (our space) and opened a new place at 112 Main Street.  Although the new place is a fine establishment with great food and drink, it is not the kind of place that Delta Pi could use as home base for Homecoming.  As a result, we had to move.

The Moose Exchange building was selected with much trepidation.  And this year, it would not just be the home for Delta Pi, this year it was opened to all Greek Alumi of Bloomsburg University.

The idea was to try to create a “Kehr Union” situation like many of us enjoyed while we were at school.  A place where you could go, drop-off your stuff, hang-out with friends, play cards or other games and just generally knock-around.  A place to see people and be seen.

Delta Pi used the space to meet up over the course of the day and also conduct some of our standard business.  As we didn’t have a quorum at 10:00 a.m., the standard Homecoming Business meeting was abandoned in favor of some morning drinking and bowling in the 5 lanes in the basement of the Moose Exchange.  We didn’t have quorum because the parade lasted a long time and that kept some members away from the Moose Exchange for longer than originally scheduled.  You can see some photos from the parade below.

Delta Pi might not have had their official meeting, but they did get to award both the Century Cup and the TWO scholarships.  That’s right, there are two now!  The Bill Welk scholarship is not fully vested and able to be awarded.  This brings the scholarships awarded in 2012 by Delta Pi to $2,000.00 total.  David “Moose” Hensel received the original Delta Pi Scholarship this year.  And Mike “Rico” Guerriero will be recorded in history as the first recipient of the Bill Welk Memorial Scholarship. Criteria for selecting the Bill Welk Scholarship include academic achievement, service to Delta Pi and personality qualities similar to the “authentic” qualities Bill epitomized during his time as a Delta Pi brother.  These are two very capable and deserving Active Brothers.

As the day progressed, the room changed from the “Kehr Union” experience into the venue for the Trop-X reunion concert. These guys hadn’t played together for nearly 30 years.  Although expectations were cautiously optimistic, I don’t think anyone expected the level of musicianship we all experienced that night.  The room was just ELECTRIC with the energy from the band!  The got people dancing with tried and true hits from their old set list.  Songs like “Smoking in the boys room”, “Living on a Prayer”, “Day by Day (Hooters)” and “I’ll stop the world (and run with you)” were some of the songs that had people up and having a great time!

People were dancing, and falling, and laughing and singing, and applauding, and screaming and generally having an outstanding time!  I saw people picking-up and making out.  Pulling pranks.  Laughing hysterically.  Now if I was describing a college party, that would be one thing, but I’m talking about people between the ages of 21 and 71!  Outstanding!

Memories were relived that day.  But more importantly new memories were made.  We packed more activity into that day than most of you will see in a year.  It was outrageous.  If you miss it again next year…well then…you might want to just hand in your “I like to have fun” card altogether.

I’ll finish with this gallery of shots from the day.  If you miss 2013 Homecoming: you are a stone-cold dope.  Just sayin’.

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