I was thinking…….

Why do we do it?  Why does DPSPAA exist?  Why do guys pay dues? Why does the  Board  spend hours each month working on DP projects?  Why do we write checks to the DPSPAA Scholarship fund?

The short answer is because Delta Pi holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the guys involved.   For some it is vivid memories of long ago college experiences and for others it is the lifelong relationships that those experiences spawned.  Some of us can’t imagine being a Bloomsburg student without the heart beat that Delta Pi provided.  Others learned things about themselves during those years that shaped the rest of their lives.  Some want to celebrate and memorialize the past.  Others want to make sure Delta Pi is part of the future.  For all of us, Delta Pi matters!

As the Alumni Board does our work we also ask ourselves the “Why do we do it?” question.    We’ve distilled our mission down to just a two overarching goals.

-Facilitate a life long connection between Delta Pi /Sigma Pi Alumni

-Insure that Delta Pi remains a vibrant component of Bloomsburg University

The initiatives we undertake always fall under one of these two goals.  So why do we do websites, scholarships, Grand Reunions, Books for Brothers, chat rooms, Homecoming celebrations, …………….?       Now you know the answer!


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