Ken “Moses” Mattfield – 9

In Memory of (As told by Chuck Ranck-11)- Ken “Moses” Mattfield – 9 passed away January 27, 2009 in his home in Garwood, NJ at the age of 62. Moses was a Founding Brother and was one of the first officers of our fraternity. He was very active in starting our fraternity and was extremely well-liked and well-respected by all Brothers who knew him. He was a tall, lanky guy who bore a physical resemblance to Lincoln in stature and face. He participated in a number of events which enhanced our fraternity’s reputation on campus at a time when numerous fraternities had been started. One such event was the IFC sponsored Hamburger Eating Competition. While the contestants for the other fraternities showed up in clothing commonly worn for eating massive quantities of hamburgers, not the representative for Delta Pi. When introduced as DP’s representative, Moses made his appearance in a TUXEDO–complete with white gloves and top hat! He seated himself and with great flourish and showmanship, removed his hat and gloves and secured a large white napkin under his chin. This created an immediate sensation with the hundreds of students in attendance, and firmly established our fraternity’s reputation for uniqueness which has continued to this day. (BTW– He was the winner! Typical of Moses, he did so by researching diets and eating behaviors; then developed and followed his own strict eating routine for weeks prior to the competition.)

Those Brothers who attended the 40th Anniversary Banquet at Woodlands in 2007 might remember seeing him. When you entered the banquet room, he was the quite noticeable tall guy at the registration table, along with myself and John Stevens, our Alumni President. I am deeply saddened . Moses was not only a Brother, but also a very close friend at Bloom.

He was one of the most interesting individuals I have ever known in my life. His dry wit, his somewhat-to-rather perverse humor, his notable writing talent, his intellectual ability, and his concern for the unfortunate– all forever memorable to me. The brotherhood extends it heart-felt condolences to Ken’s family and friends.

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