2013 Reading Phillies DP Family Day, 5-11-13


“Throw it Back!”

Brothers Brian Thompson, Chris Pettica, Jim Brobst, Dick Treacy, Dave Seigfried and Bob Woolslager attended the game with their families.  Will you join us next year ?


Join the Delta Pi Brotherhood Alumni and their families for a great day of baseball in good ‘ole beautiful Reading, PA.  Tix include  buffet and beverages at the left field grill.  Good grub!  Also, current dues paying brothers get a discounted tix price. 

Only 50 tix available. First come , first served.

The Coors Light Deck Picnic offers a 2 1/2 hour all-you-can-eat buffet, drinks and a ballgame in a festive tailgate-like atmosphere and a great view of the game from picnic table seating right behind the left field home run wall. Built in 1994, The Deck has since gone through numerous additions and upgrades, making it a fantastic place for friends to gather.  Dingers Bar and the Boardwalk are also located here.

Buffet Menu: BBQ Chicken, burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, pasta salad, potato salad, lemonade, iced tea and Pepsi products.  Wine, spirits and beer are available on a cash basis.

For tix or more details please contact our Social Director, Brian Thompson #452 via email at

BT452@yahoo.com .

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Delta Pi “Reasons” Campaign Kickoff

DP Alumni,

By now, you should have received the first 6 or so of 98 emails ( 98 Reasons to be active and pay your dues) from the Delta Pi Alumni Association. So, please check your inbox & spam folder: of course, add us to your trusted email list.

Which has been your favorite ad so far ? Winning, Libido, Crop Dusting ? Tell us and pay your dues.


Your feedback would be appreciated.

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Scholarship 2012-13 Recipients Thank You letters

Delta Pi Alumni Annual Scholarship Recipient


The Delta Pi Annual Bill Welk Scholarship Recipient

THANK YOU Letters below…. Please read.  

Brother Chuck Ranck has been spearheading these University Vested Scholarships – a very big THANKS to Chuck!

August 15,2012
Dear Mr. Charles A. Ranck
I am writing to you to express my sincere gratitude and honor for being selected as the
recipient of the Bill Welk Memorial Scholarship. It is especially meaningful to me
because Bill Welk was a Delta Pi fraternity brother, friend, and a truly genuine person
who will be greatly missed. As a Marketing Major at Bloomsburg University entering
my fourth year, this scholarship will help with the cost of my education and allow me
more time to focus on my studies.
This summer I just completed an internship at Diopsys, Inc. in Pinebrook, N.J. which is a
medical instrumentation company which delivers cost effective preventive healthcare
solutions. They specialize in the development and marketing of vision testing equipment.
As an intern there T was exposed to many aspects of the business, including marketing,
engineering and operations. My main task while interning there was to research Audio
Evoked Potentials and the hearing aid industry and give a company wide presentation
on my findings. .This was a challenging and invaluable learning experience for me, and
an amazing opportunity. When I graduate next year, I hope to continue on this path.
Once again I offer my gratitude and thanks for this generous scholarship award.
Michael Guerriero


August 8, 2012
Dear Mr. Ranck:
Thank you for awarding me with the Delta Pi Sigma Pi Alumni Scholarship. I am very
appreciative that out of all the brothers that applied for the scholarship, I was selected as the
As you may know I have been in the fraternity for over 2 years and have been on the executive
board for most of that time. I have worked hard with the brothers to make sure Delta Pi
continues on and prospers. In the recent years Delta Pi has had some hardships, but I believe that
this coming year will help strengthen our numbers and our fraternity. Currently, I’m entering the
fall semester as a senior and as the Fraternity President. I plan on graduating in the spring with a
double major in Accounting and Finance and I hope to find an accounting position afterwards.
I thank you and the Alumni for supporting the Fraternity and awarding me with this scholarship.
I’m eager to see you and the rest of the Alumni at homecoming.
David “Moose” Hensel


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A public service announcement all DP Brothers need to hear.


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Holidaze Gathering was GREAT!

As has become somewhat of a tradition, the Brothers of The Valley got together on Black Friday to kickoff the Holiday Season with stories of old and a couple of beers. And what a good time it was… Ralph brought an original 1974 ΔΠ Composite which inspired a lot of stories…and as in most composites, we counted the number of times the same bow tie or suit jacket showed up…

Once again, Al won the prize for traveling the farthest to be with us and new to the pack this year was Dan Perry.  There are a lot more Brothers in The Valley and I urge each of you to mark Black Friday (Nov 29th) on your calendar for next year – truly, the more the merrier!  But either way, we had a great time and enjoyed ourselves like only a gathering of Brothers can.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

(Ralph, I WILL return the composite as soon as I find a scanner big enough to do the job without cutting off some heads…)

L to R – Ernie Lemoncelli 169, Tom Stefursky 119, Al Schoch 226, Bob Lavelle 134, Phil Sallavanti 126, Dan Perry 235, Lou Cicci 77, Ralph Pappas 138

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Homecoming 2012 – Best Ever? You decide.


If you attended the 2012 Homecoming event at Bloomsburg this year, you know you witnessed history.  Record crowds of Alumni (and especially Greek Alumni) converged on Bloomsburg University for Homecoming.  Normally, Delta Pi would have rented Balzano’s and been perfectly happy to call that home for the event.  Delta Pi has done it for years, and it’s been a great experience.  But as with all things in life: the only thing that is guaranteed – is change.

This year, the Hergan family left the Balzano’s corner catering space (our space) and opened a new place at 112 Main Street.  Although the new place is a fine establishment with great food and drink, it is not the kind of place that Delta Pi could use as home base for Homecoming.  As a result, we had to move.

The Moose Exchange building was selected with much trepidation.  And this year, it would not just be the home for Delta Pi, this year it was opened to all Greek Alumi of Bloomsburg University.

The idea was to try to create a “Kehr Union” situation like many of us enjoyed while we were at school.  A place where you could go, drop-off your stuff, hang-out with friends, play cards or other games and just generally knock-around.  A place to see people and be seen.

Delta Pi used the space to meet up over the course of the day and also conduct some of our standard business.  As we didn’t have a quorum at 10:00 a.m., the standard Homecoming Business meeting was abandoned in favor of some morning drinking and bowling in the 5 lanes in the basement of the Moose Exchange.  We didn’t have quorum because the parade lasted a long time and that kept some members away from the Moose Exchange for longer than originally scheduled.  You can see some photos from the parade below.

Delta Pi might not have had their official meeting, but they did get to award both the Century Cup and the TWO scholarships.  That’s right, there are two now!  The Bill Welk scholarship is not fully vested and able to be awarded.  This brings the scholarships awarded in 2012 by Delta Pi to $2,000.00 total.  David “Moose” Hensel received the original Delta Pi Scholarship this year.  And Mike “Rico” Guerriero will be recorded in history as the first recipient of the Bill Welk Memorial Scholarship. Criteria for selecting the Bill Welk Scholarship include academic achievement, service to Delta Pi and personality qualities similar to the “authentic” qualities Bill epitomized during his time as a Delta Pi brother.  These are two very capable and deserving Active Brothers.

As the day progressed, the room changed from the “Kehr Union” experience into the venue for the Trop-X reunion concert. These guys hadn’t played together for nearly 30 years.  Although expectations were cautiously optimistic, I don’t think anyone expected the level of musicianship we all experienced that night.  The room was just ELECTRIC with the energy from the band!  The got people dancing with tried and true hits from their old set list.  Songs like “Smoking in the boys room”, “Living on a Prayer”, “Day by Day (Hooters)” and “I’ll stop the world (and run with you)” were some of the songs that had people up and having a great time!

People were dancing, and falling, and laughing and singing, and applauding, and screaming and generally having an outstanding time!  I saw people picking-up and making out.  Pulling pranks.  Laughing hysterically.  Now if I was describing a college party, that would be one thing, but I’m talking about people between the ages of 21 and 71!  Outstanding!

Memories were relived that day.  But more importantly new memories were made.  We packed more activity into that day than most of you will see in a year.  It was outrageous.  If you miss it again next year…well then…you might want to just hand in your “I like to have fun” card altogether.

I’ll finish with this gallery of shots from the day.  If you miss 2013 Homecoming: you are a stone-cold dope.  Just sayin’.

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Greek Branding Campaign – LIVE!

The Greek Alumni of Bloomsburg University Association has taken it’s Greek Branding Campaign LIVE today!

The campaign has the goal of increasing the number of students on the Bloomsburg University campus that will consider joining a Greek organization.  If the pool of students is increased for all Greek organizations, then Delta Pi (as a subset) will also benefit.

The campaign was created using the results of the Greek Alumni Survey and the Bloom Student Survey conducted in 2011.  The survey results showed that costs, image and connections were all important factors when students are thinking of joining a greek organization.

There were many different concepts created.  Some of the other ads are shown below.

Ads covered a variety of subjects, from Greek Olympic gold medal winners to graduation rates for greeks.  Male and female images were used.  The brand intends to break stereotypes about Greeks and educate students about many unknown benefits of Greek life on the Bloomsburg campus.

You can click these ads or go to the following website to see more ad concepts: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxcmdEb5vmK3T3JZZzhOZ0xBYU0/edit

Greek Alumni then contributed money to get the images onto campus and into the community.  We raised over $1,000.00 in one day, and Delta Pi was a big part of those donations.  Greek Alumni representative were working with University Greek Life Representatives on this idea for the past few months, but approval did not come from campus in time to take advantage of a joint effort this Fall semester.  As a result, the Greek Alumni decided to push forward and do a Fall release using our own funds and resources.

Greeks have a “CAN DO” attitude, and DELTA PI is again leading the charge!

This week  the campaign will feature the following:
4 ads in the BloomUToday online newspaper – This website is very popular with students.  Visit and see why: www.BloomUToday.com 

A FULL PAGE of the Jon Stewart ad in the Bloomsburg Voice newspaper – This WILL get attention!

100 – 11″ X 17″ full color posters – to be hung around the community and in various other venues.

300 – 8.5″ X 11″  Flyers with various images from the campaign on them – these will be distributed in various ways to students.

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2012-13 DPSPAA Scholarship Recipient ; Vested fund nearing $100,000.00 )

Scholarship Award Winner

The Delta Pi/Sigma Pi Alumni Association Selection Committee met February 7, 2012

at the Kehr Center to select an active brother

to receive our Scholarship Award.


David “Moose” Hensel  711

was chosen by the Committee for the 2012-2013 Award.


Moose will be a Senior majoring in Accounting and Finance.



Vice-President of the Actives  2011-2012

Secretary of the Actives   Spring 2011



Involved in Community Service Projects


It can be said that Moose has made a notable investment of  his time and effort to Delta Pi.

Previous Scholarship Recipients:


Matt McCarthy     685        2011-2012

Mark Brajer          698        2010-2011

Nick Burk             689        2009-2010

Matt McCarthy     685        2008-2009

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36th Gathering

Pledge Brothers ( Imperial Gods of 36th ) Clarke Goshow and Brian Thompson, pictured here, laughing it up at the Harleysville Inn, Harleysville, PA   Hot wings and Sam Adams Lager for Thompson while Clarke guzzled some brews and inhaled the largest mixed salad with about a quart of Russian dressing and a shaker full of salt.

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