Scholarship 2012-13 Recipients Thank You letters

Delta Pi Alumni Annual Scholarship Recipient


The Delta Pi Annual Bill Welk Scholarship Recipient

THANK YOU Letters below…. Please read.  

Brother Chuck Ranck has been spearheading these University Vested Scholarships – a very big THANKS to Chuck!

August 15,2012
Dear Mr. Charles A. Ranck
I am writing to you to express my sincere gratitude and honor for being selected as the
recipient of the Bill Welk Memorial Scholarship. It is especially meaningful to me
because Bill Welk was a Delta Pi fraternity brother, friend, and a truly genuine person
who will be greatly missed. As a Marketing Major at Bloomsburg University entering
my fourth year, this scholarship will help with the cost of my education and allow me
more time to focus on my studies.
This summer I just completed an internship at Diopsys, Inc. in Pinebrook, N.J. which is a
medical instrumentation company which delivers cost effective preventive healthcare
solutions. They specialize in the development and marketing of vision testing equipment.
As an intern there T was exposed to many aspects of the business, including marketing,
engineering and operations. My main task while interning there was to research Audio
Evoked Potentials and the hearing aid industry and give a company wide presentation
on my findings. .This was a challenging and invaluable learning experience for me, and
an amazing opportunity. When I graduate next year, I hope to continue on this path.
Once again I offer my gratitude and thanks for this generous scholarship award.
Michael Guerriero


August 8, 2012
Dear Mr. Ranck:
Thank you for awarding me with the Delta Pi Sigma Pi Alumni Scholarship. I am very
appreciative that out of all the brothers that applied for the scholarship, I was selected as the
As you may know I have been in the fraternity for over 2 years and have been on the executive
board for most of that time. I have worked hard with the brothers to make sure Delta Pi
continues on and prospers. In the recent years Delta Pi has had some hardships, but I believe that
this coming year will help strengthen our numbers and our fraternity. Currently, I’m entering the
fall semester as a senior and as the Fraternity President. I plan on graduating in the spring with a
double major in Accounting and Finance and I hope to find an accounting position afterwards.
I thank you and the Alumni for supporting the Fraternity and awarding me with this scholarship.
I’m eager to see you and the rest of the Alumni at homecoming.
David “Moose” Hensel


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