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Robby Boyk gets a Delta Pi Scholarship

Robby Boyk gets a Delta Pi Scholarship

If you are on this page, it means you are interested in supporting the Delta Pi Scholarship Fund and / or The Bill Welk Schoalrship…you are a scholar and a gentleman, and probably good looking, too!

Presently, Delta Pi has two Scholarships; One general, and one named.  You can learn about these two scholarships (and any future scholarships) by pressing the links below:

Delta Pi Scholarship – Our first scholarship created for brothers that best represent the values and spirit of Delta Pi.
Bill Welk Scholarship – Delta Pi’s first “named” scholarship.

If you have ANY other questions, comments or suggestion about donating to the Scholarship, please contact Josh Sullivan.
cell:(215) 300-5952




1.     ONLINE

This is the absolute EASIEST way to make a contribution to our scholarship.  You can do this quickly by using the online donation form found at –

Once on this page, you will want to be careful to fill in the form correctly so that you can be sure your donation goes to the Scholarship of your choice.

For a detailed, step by step explanation of how to fill out the online form, PRESS HERE

*For proper placement of your donation be sure to type “Delta Pi Scholarship Fund” or Bill Welk Scholarship” in the OTHER box


2.     Mail direct to the University

You can send your contributions to the Delta Pi Scholarship Fund can be sent directly to the Bloomsburg Foundation at: 400 E. Second St., Bloomsburg PA 17815-1301

*Be sure to write “Delta Pi Scholarship Fund” or “Bill Welk Scholarship” the memo and make the check payable to Bloomsburg Foundation / Delta Pi Fund.


3.    Phone

If a brother is interested in making a bequeath to our scholarship fund, he can contact John Karas at 570.389.5144.   John is BUF’s designated person who can assist you.

*Be sure to say: “Delta Pi Scholarship Fund” or “Bill Welk Scholarship” and make the check payable to Bloomsburg Foundation / Delta Pi Fund.


4.    Email

*Be sure to write “Delta Pi Scholarship Fund” or “Bill Welk Scholarship” on your email and/or make the check payable to Bloomsburg Foundation / Delta Pi Fund.


5.     Thru Delta Pi

Another way to donate is to send your money to our Treasurer  designating it as a donation to the scholarship fund. The Treasurer will combine your donation with that of other Brothers and forward it to the Foundation as a donation from the Delta Pi Alumni Association.  The GREAT thing about this form of donation, is sometimes another brother will MATCH the total amount we have collected at the end of the year.  Thereby DOUBLING your donation.  If you would like to donate in this way, please specify the Scholarship you would like to use as an earmark and send your check to:

Josh Sullivan, Treasurer

3442 Almond Street

Philadelphia, PA 19134




Money in our Scholarship(s) is managed by the Foundation and can only be used for student scholarship awards . We , however, get to decide the beneficiary. The amount available for our award is calculated annually by the foundation and is based in part on the amount of money we have in the fund. Selection criteria includes GPA and an Active Brothers standing within the Fraternity.

And since the Bloomsburg University Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization, your donations are tax deductible.

So thanks for your support of the Delta Pi Alumni Association and for supporting our Scholarship Fund(s).

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