What’s up with “98 Reasons”?


“98 Reasons” came about via a goofy conversation in regard to keeping Alumni brothers engaged.  It went something like this:

Δ – Ya know what we need to get brothers to be part of the Alumni Association?

Π – No, what?

Δ – We need banter, man.  You know, like how brothers talk when they all get together somewhere.

Π – Ya mean, like ripping-on each other and being completely abusive?

Δ – Yeah!  That’s what I mean!  That’s what’s cool about being a brother; that kind of honest back and forth, that you don’t get anywhere else.

Π – That would be kind of cool.

Δ – “Kind of”?  Are you f’ing kidding me? It would be super cool!  So how do we do it?

Π – Well, we could do something like list 100 reasons why brotherhood is good.

Δ – 100 is corny man.  How about 99?

Π – No, 99 is stupid too.  It’s like a pricing strategy.  Brothers will see right through that scheme.

Δ – Well then, how about 98?  No one uses 98.

Π – Done!

And with that, the most successful awareness program in Delta Pi Alumni Association history was born!  To be 100% honest, it’s the ONLY awareness program in Delta Pi history, but let’s not confuse the matter.


One of the perks of being a paid, active Delta Pi Alumni, is the opportunity to submit your “reason” why Alumni Brotherhood is grand.  Want to express it in a cartoon?  A drawing?  An interpretive dance?  We don’t care…just submit it as you see fit and we’ll do the rest!  Submit entries to SuperiorFirePower@mac.com.

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